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Department of Sociology

Northwestern University

1810 Chicago Avenue

Evanston IL, 60208

I am an assistant professor at Northwestern University.

I am also a faculty fellow with the Institute for Policy Research and the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research. I received my PhD from Stanford in 2016.

Boundaries can be as formal as borders between nations, or as informal as cultural differences. Whether they are geographical, political, legal, or social, boundaries create inequality.

They limit the free flow of resources; restrict knowledge and ideas; and draw distinctions between ‘us’ and ‘them’. I study the impact of boundaries on interaction, conflict and inequality.

My current work focuses on two areas:

(1) The ways in which modern settler-colonial boundaries constrain and influence native nations.

(2) The flow of human movement within and between spaces.

Meet Mitaka Ki (Mita for short), a Chihuahua-Basenji mix.  Mita is a medical alert dog.  I have difficulty properly making red  blood cells, and Mita is trained to detect and alert to subtle changes in blood chemistry.  Mita is also trained to fetch a phone and medication in the event of an emergency. 

Mita is small because I have mobility problems that make walking a large dog difficult.  But she is still very good at her job.

She accompanies me everywhere, but when we are out she is frequently working, so please do not be offended if she doesn’t visit you.  Also, we all get distracted once in a while.  Mita is just a dog, please forgive her if she periodically gets distracted or forgets what she is doing.

Thank you for your understanding!

Also, because everyone loves pictures of cute dogs, here are some for you to enjoy.