media: EconTalk Podcast with Russ Roberts

Economists often oppose the expansion of licensing in America in recent years because it makes it harder for people with low skills to get access to opportunity. Sociologist Beth Redbird of Northwestern University talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about a different perspective. Redbird finds that licensing expands opportunity for women and minorities and […]

news: Pursuing new viewpoints in the study of inequality

IPR Faculty Spotlight: <<Read It>> How do political elites speak to people about political and economic policy? There is often a vast economic divide between those elites and their voters, yet Redbird argues that a “conversation” takes place between them nonetheless. Her newest research project thoroughly examines this conversation, in […]

news: The Positive Side of Licensing Barbers

Imposing requirements on certain kinds of work could actually be a better deal for consumers. by Justin Fox Bloomberg View <<<Read It >>> Occupational licensing, Milton Friedman declared in his 1962 classic “Capitalism and Freedom,” is an affront to freedom and a check on economic dynamism — a modern, Western […]

news: IPR Welcomes Eight New Fellows

This September, IPR will welcome eight new fellows, one of its biggest incoming faculty cohorts ever. With research interests ranging from the economics and politics of developing countries to identity development and social inequality, these eight experts represent five disciplines, with six housed in Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and […]

news: New faculty unpack Indigenous issues, both past and present

“Northwestern has the resources, the cultural structure and the ability to be a leader in the way universities interact with Native Americans and Native issues,” sociology professor Beth Redbird says. “And I’ve been really pleased with the way Northwestern has embraced Native studies.” Read Fully Story