sociology at the

edges of empire

exploring the consequences of U.S. settler-colonialism on native nation-building, ethnic conflict, and inequality.

Boundaries can be as formal as borders between nations, or as informal as cultural differences. Whether they are geographical, political, legal, or social, boundaries create inequality.

They limit the free flow of resources; restrict knowledge and ideas; and draw distinctions between ‘us’ and ‘them’. I study the impact of boundaries on interaction, conflict and inequality.

My current work focuses on two areas:

(1) The ways in which modern settler-colonial boundaries constrain and influence native nations.

(2) The flow of human movement within and between spaces.

the Unending Frontier

Modern ethnic conflict and inequality at the edge of Indian Country.

I am an assistant professor at Northwestern University.

I am also a faculty fellow with the Institute for Policy Research and the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research

I received my PhD from Stanford in 2016.